Article marketing is so powerful!

This article explains the reason why,that not only does it give you credibility as an expert, but it also helps your popularity with the search engines. In the long run, doing so brings in more real visitors to your site!.

The popularity of a given site is a very important aspect in establishing which websites rank first and which sites rank last. In the world of the internet, popularity is gauged by how may sites are linked to yours. Therefore, the more links your site has, the higher is your site’s ranking.

But be aware though that simply establishing links is not all that matters. What is just as important is that the sites linked to yours are very well related. This factor weighs more heavily than the number of sites linked to yours but are not in any way related to the content of your site.

Believe it or not, there are a number of various ways and means which could increase your site’s popularity. The focus of this article is on how the writing of articles for your site will help boost your site’s popularity by leaps and bounds.

The following are very basic steps that you or anyone could take to make sure that your site increase or maintain its popularity.

The write way

One of the key main ingredients to improve the popularity of your site is through the writing of articles and letting these articles be published in other sites.

Believe it or not, this method is a sure fire and tested way to make a particular site, especially yours, popular. The process that others go through is this. They write a particular article about a specific topic, for example about caring for pets. This article then gets published in the newsletter they may be making. Later on, this same article will be published in their web site. Plus, this will also be sent on various sites that accepts submitted articles.

Be published and re-published and re-published

These sites are regularly frequented by a lot of webmasters as well as publishers of ezine articles because they are the ones who are constantly on the search for various articles. When articles are published on such sites who do accept submissions, directories such as these provide the opportunity for these articles to be re-published.

Link it and link it good

It is best that after each article that are re-published in other sites for free, make sure that these re-published articles mention the source of where that article was originally located. A box after the end of each article that has been re-published or a link to the original site of the article is the best way to establish your site and make it – if not keep it – popular.

The benefit of this method is that whoever or whatever site re-publishes your article, this site is linked to your site.

There are also publishers of ezine sites that archive every ezines that they put out. So any articles re-published in such an ezine will most probably receive a link again if that particular archived ezine is accessed. This automatically results in the generation of that vital traffic in your website.

Article Marketing, where do you actually submit your articles?

There is actually software AMR (article marketing robot) that does the whole proccess for you I use it all the time, this article in fact was submitted using the AMR software. see ad to right

What does the software do, and how effective is it?

This article you are reading was sent to 900+ directories and accepted at 750!

750 directories including all the best ones and any you want to ad ion as well.

This was done in about 15 minutes with a few button clicks all because of Article Marketing Robot.

This is my # 1 tool period.

The possibilities are limitless

Article writing is a great tool to use for the purposes of marketing. Once webmasters and publishers of ezine re-publish your articles in their own sites, other publishers of ezine and webmasters will also get to read your article. Thus chances of them further re-publishing your articles is high, and when they do, other publishers of ezine as well as other webmasters will get to read your article, and so on and so forth.

All these processes, believe it or not, again could very well result in tremendous traffic generated for your website.

Credibility begets popularity

The idea that websites linked to yours and vice versa are all related to each other in content, is a better situation and could generate more traffic than links that are not in any way related.

The connection of these written articles are in their content and the quality of the content. Well written articles instantly create that valuable impression that you are a very good expert in that field you have chosen for yourself. An image that is completely and credibly valid speaks for itself. It automatically attracts people, making it easier for them to come to you than you trying hard to call or attract them in. Basically, your work speaks for itself, and that says a lot.

In summary, article writing is something you can do write (right) ;-) now and boy it has benefits. Good article writing requires a lot more effort but the benefits and the opportunities are limitless.


I sometimes receive complaints.

As an article directory owner and editor I am exposed to a huge number of articles every single day of the week.

I sometimes receive complaints from authors who are angered by the fact that their article has not been published, which leads me to believe that there are still a lot of people out there who do not understand article marketing, nor the role that directories play.

For those who are not finding success with articles, or for those considering starting out, here are a few ground rules that will save you a lot of work in the long run and will likely get your article marketing career off to a much more auspicious start.

Read the article directory's specific terms of service and guidelines.

This may seem like a boring, tedious and long winded waste of your valuable time but in the long term it will save you hours of frustration and wasted effort. All directories set their own rules and some are stricter than others. Most directories labor under a huge number of submissions and the work of sifting through them is often the job of one individual. This means that if your opening paragraph or introductory statement is poorly written or contains mistakes, that is as far as the editor will go before hitting the delete key. The luxury of time to edit an author's mistakes or to decline an article as opposed to deleting it, is one that most editors do not have. Mass submissions are usually viewed as spam. Let's face it, none of us are capable of writing over 200 articles in a day - I would say that even producing more than ten would be a pretty amazing feat of productivity. It should come as no surprise to those submitting large numbers of articles in a 24 hour period to find that they are all deleted. Article directory software usually allows for quick erasure of such submissions, so if you don't want your work to fall victim to mass deletion, don't mass submit. All that is needed is a little common sense. If you are using a submission service, set the option to stagger your submissions over a longer period of time. Proof read your articles. If you don't know what this means, look it up! If your writing is riddled with spelling errors, poor structure, punctuation horrors and grammatical butchery, don't be surprised if none of them get published. I could write thousands of words on the most common mistakes seen in people's writing. These usually involve spelling and grammar. Spell check your articles, even if you think you're perfect, you will often be surprised at the mistakes you make. If you tend to misspell a word regularly, you will never correct it unless you make yourself aware of it. If you are of the opinion that these things don't matter (after all, people will know what you mean!) then think again. If you want to write and, more importantly, see your work published and picked up by other website owners and bloggers, you need to demonstrate an ability to write well. As an example, all the "SEO experts" who talk about search engine optimisation (sic) but don't even understand that being able to spell their claimed occupation correctly would lend a little more credibility to their claims. Just for the record, most words ending in "ize" use a "z" and not an "s". This is a very common mistake, but it would be corrected by the use of a spell checker, as would so many others. If you want to write with authority, you have to be able to exhibit basic literacy. Yes, this is important and should be borne in mind by those who eulogize about "the Queen's English", thus making themselves look even more foolish than those they chastise. (a good example of a word that does actually end in “ise”) Regardless of who is on the throne, it is always "the King's English". None of us are perfect and this is not a lecture on grammar and spelling, no matter how needed it might be. If you are tempted to use PLR articles, even if you rewrite them in an attempt to make them unique, remember that you will be competing with all the other shortcut seekers who are doing the same thing. It's another shortcut to the delete key for a lot of directories. When it comes to the resource box, it is quite amazing how many authors defeat their entire purpose by making a mess of this vital section. If the article directory in question allows one, two or three live Hyperlinks, make good use of them. Think about your anchor text very carefully. In other words don't find out more click here and Hyperlink the words "click here". The resource box is where you need to give readers a compelling reason to visit your site(s) but it is also the one place you can make the most of good keywords as the anchor text in your links. Use the resource box wisely and take full advantage of everything the directory is offering you by way of promotional tools. Adding your URL without making it a live link is a pointless waste of time if the directory allows you to use Hyperlinks in your resource box. Conversely, adding more than the quota of permitted links will probably result in deletion of your work. Another thing to watch is linking directly to affiliate programs. Read the directory's policies on this point or again, you may well find yourself on the cutting room floor. Many directories will stipulate that you may only link to affiliate programs indirectly by referring readers to your own site or domain. Some do not allow straight redirect links either. Relevancy is also an issue here too. In other words, submitting a PLR piece about gardening and linking to your MLM program is not very helpful or wise, just one more recipe for deletion. Once your relevant article has been written you can get an extreme amount of exposure by using a good article submission software such as, Article Marketing Robot, software that can send your well written articles to hundreds of article Directories with just a few clicks :-)
I should finish by saying that yes, you can churn out badly written articles to your heart's content, just don't be surprised at the results.

HYIP and me.



I first came across the site in 2008 and at the time, I just didn’t believe they could deliver. I had been involved with HYIP for a while and learned how to lose money first and then finally after many disappointments and losses finally began to make money in HYIP and learned exactly how to earn in them.

Even short lived HYIP can make you money if you play it right.

However back to the site in 2008. Well lets just say that I’m a member now have been for a while and it’s 2012. That tells you one thing right there. It’s still here? Over 4 years and still going actually growing stronger!

Well needless to say I was wrong back in 2008 and I’ve kicked my butt a few times for not joining that site back then. But I’m in it now and am reaping the rewards daily and have been for a while. My wife is in it as well. Yep when the wife gets in it’s different. My kids are all in it and I have referred others as well. Every single one of them is paid daily.

I know this is not like the usual article full of blown up words and fancy dialogue trying to spin a sows ear into a silk purse. That’s because this morning I decided to just tell it like it is, no hype just straight goods.

Everyone on line wants to be successful, they want to make money. Many hope to retire using online programs to support and supplement their retirement income. It’s actually a great idea.

All the money I lost was earnings. I handle it much better now than I did when I first started.

This all came about because a good friend of mine sent me a private message I had no idea at the time but he could see I was browsing the same forum. Many forums display who’s online right now on the front page. (Warrior Forum for ex)
Anyhow in his message he asked how I was doing in hyip? I was relatively new to it then so I was not so sure it was for me. I stated truthfully that I wasn’t sure I could take such a loss all the time, as it just seemed that they would disappear right when it was my turn to cash in. “That’s because you are doing it wrong.” Was his return. “I have already pulled a million dollars out of this one. All profit.”

He wasn’t kidding. Here I was watching my half million go down the drain and my buddy here is a million ahead?

To shorten the story my friend explained that HYIP is an excellent way to make money , and that he rarely ever loses. You have to get in at the right time. You have to be gutsy. You have to be willing to lose and once and a while and accept it as a cost of doing business. You have to treat it like a business.

I made 14 k profit in 12 daily pro. I made thousands in Freelandopps. And when it disappeared I had close to half a million dollars that disappeared with it. I was disappointed, but I still came out ahead. I made money in various other hyip and I can make money in any one I want now suffering few if any losses.
Even when I lose it’s money I’m ahead so really, am I losing?

I learned a lot. Losing isn’t so bad as long as you win lots.

That’s it. Secret # one in HYIP! Losing isn’t so bad as long as you win lots.
Secret # two in HYIP! Wussies pay the lions share. Lions profit by boldly buying big.
Secret # three in HYIP! Timing. (this will be explained in a future posted article)

Better yet. Sometimes in fact often times hyips run out of steam. The payout out grows the intake because many are glorified ponzi schemes, some not so glorified. Most go by the wayside within 1 – 2 years.

But the site that I saw back in 2008 and that I’m still part of and in fact get paid daily is different.
It’s still here!
This is being written March 3rd 2012. Just to alleviate confusion.

Unlike most if not all other HYIP. One stands out. Why, because it is restarted if and when, it’s necessary.

I know because I joined just before a restart. I lived through the last one. I was amazed. I still am.
Because I was so new the restart did not affect me much, but I knew of many others and the stories and details I heard. One of my buds was taking out 3 k a week for quite some time and I got feedback from him directly.

He is not a huge player but as he puts it he does just fine. He admitted taking a hit. But was not upset at all? He still was left with a good foundation and was rebuilding and was fine with it. He then informed me that the entire membership is like a community, the leaders where contacted about the restart and they all agreed. They would take the biggest hit. Let the little guys and new guys lose less.!
That way it won’t affect the ones that struggle .

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have never seen this before, I have seen it since but that is another article.

That’s the way it is to this day. 616 on the Alexa worldwide. 616 out of all the sites in the world?

The site is not fancy, it hasn’t changed much. But it’s one of my favorites.




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